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RBT® 40-Hour Training Pass Rates

Updated: May 5

The Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)® certification has grown rapidly over the last several years since its' creation in 2014. As of April 2023, there are 136,113 RBTs®. With behavior technician roles in high demand, it's an excellent time to enter the ABA field and create a rewarding career.

The first step in the process of becoming an RBT® is to take a 40-hour training course. Some companies provide in-house training to become an RBT®, but not all do, so many people choose to take the course on their own prior to securing employment. If you're curious about what course options you have, you're in the right place!

RBT® 40-Hour Training Pass Rates & Costs

The following chart compares several of the top RBT® 40-hour training courses, looking at both their pass rates and their costs. In 2022, the overall pass rate for 1st-time test takers was 77%. This is down significantly, from 83% in 2021, highlighting concerns about the methods for preparing individuals for the exam and more importantly, for the role of a behavior technician.

Included in the following chart are only the courses that led to 80%+ of exam takers passing on their first try. I strongly recommend taking the courses with higher pass rates.

Training Provider

1st Time Pass Rate (2022)

























Information Not Available Online





Important note: There are several RBT training courses that are created and offered directly via employers, including those such as Footprints Behavior Interventions and Breakthrough Behavior, which have high pass rates (100%, 92.1%). However, the courses included here are only those that can be taken independently. See the BACB Examination Rates for a comprehensive list of all providers and their pass rates.

A few additional things to consider when choosing a course provider:

  • In-person, online synchronous, or online asynchronous

  • Reviews of the course--Pay attention to mentions of technical difficulties and whether the content was presented in an engaging way

  • Extras offered-Competency assessments, Study guides, mock exams, etc.

Final Steps

Once you've taken the 40-hour course, your next step is a competency assessment and lastly, a final exam. Read more about what to expect on the RBT exam here!


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